Surface Preparation

Located in Richland, WA

Surface Preparation Experts

We provide surface preparation for our customers to prepare the new and old surfaces for the application of a new product. This is done for a variety of reasons, ranging from a necessity for protection purposes to something as simple as wanting to modernize a mostly-steel structure building with outdated colors to something modern and fresh. Surface preparation can also be done through several different methods.

High-Pressure Hot Wash is one method that is sometimes required when the surface needs some improvement, but nothing too abrasive. Sandblasting and Bristle Blasting are more aggressive methods of surface preparation that require the use of sand funneled at high speeds through a spray gun or with bristle blasting a very abrasive bristle brush. Acid EtchingConcrete Grinding, and Shot Blasting are primarily types of surface floor prep that we offer as well.

Our experts know what method is needed depending on each project. We recognize that surface prep is the most important step in the process for a job well done.