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Experience Matters

Meet Columbia Industrial Coatings

Columbia Industrial Coatings is a locally-owned and operated business that offers a complete line of commercial and industrial coating services. Our dedication and commitment to a job well done is the reason Columbia Industrial Coatings has excelled in commercial and industrial coatings.

What advantage does this offer you the client? We are able to maintain complete control of both the production of your coating material, along the entire application process from beginning to end, which gives us a major advantage in maintaining the highest standards of quality control.

Paintmaster Services

Paintmaster Services offers residential, commercial, and industrial painting services to customers across the Pacific Northwest.

Paintmaster brings experience, reliability, and high-quality products and services to give their customers the beautiful paint job they desire!

To learn more visit our website, paintmasterservices.com.

Columbia Industrial Coatings

Mission Statement

We exist to provide excellence in service improving lives, assets and our communities so that others see their value as God does.

Our Core Values


We do our work as unto the Lord.

Striving for Excellence

We are always improving and growing.


We treat others how we desire to be treated.


We choose to do the right thing all the time.

Work with the Experts

Quality, Long-Lasting Results

At Columbia Industrial Coatings we pride ourselves in providing unmatched quality control all the way from the production of your coating material to the final application stages.

Because we both manufacture and apply the material on your project we can ensure the proper application methods are maintained during the entire process.

The Columbia Industrial Coatings Difference


Budgeting is a key component to the growth of any business/industry. Our team at Columbia Industrial Coatings will meet with you to gather all necessary information in building a budgeting plan to cover all of your companies painting and coating needs for a selected time period.
Budgeting ensures that your facility and or equipment is maintained in top working condition at all times throughout the life of said project. Our plans can be billed as Time and Material or can be tailored to hard cost estimates. In building a plan you avoid the high cost of doing work after corrosion has done its damage.


Columbia Industrial Coatings understands how shutdowns are time sensitive and work needs to be completed within a specific time frame. That is where CIC comes in to assist, prepare and accomplish all work that needs to be done within the time frame allotted.
With our years of experience, we are able to offer our customers the upmost in safety, efficiency, and quality that is available in the industry today. If your company is one that employs shutdowns and outages as part of its maintenance program, we would be happy to work with you in developing a strategy that works call us today to set up a consultation.


Columbia Industrial Coatings offers a variety of Industrial Painting services that include but are not limited to, sandblasting, bristle blasting, lead abatement, and tank coatings/linings.
Our experience, attention to detail and expertise allow us to deliver top quality services on all our projects to all of our customers all day every day.