No Injuries

At Columbia Industrial Coatings, we take the issue of safety very seriously. We take pride in the fact that we endeavor to implement every measure possible to maintain an injury-free workplace. Whether our team members are lifting a five gallon pail of paint or sandblasting the inside of a confined space, every situation has the potential for harm. Providing training plans and identifying hazardous situations is critical to maintaining our goal of no injuries.

Exposure to dangerous situations is practically unavoidable in today’s work environment, especially in an industrial setting. At Columbia Industrial Coatings, we know and understand that the safety of our employees and that of the public is more than just a precaution — it is serious business. We recognize that every employee is part of a family, and that makes them more than just an employee. We have an extensive training program for our employees that involves both how to spot potentially hazardous situations and how to take action to prevent these hazardous situations from becoming accidents or injuries.

Site-Specific Safety Training Plans

Columbia Industrial Coatings practices safety through the use of site-specific training plans. These programs help train employees for every situation they may face on that project. We work with both contractors and facility managers to develop plans that meet our clients’ needs while simultaneously maintaining an injury-free workplace.

Columbia Industrial Coatings has developed safety plans that cover a broad range of tasks. We provide training for our team on how to work both safely and efficiently. We have safety plans for abrasive blasting, proper PPE, scaffolding, respiratory protection and many others. These extensive safety programs ensure that our employees are well prepared for the job at hand and for each potentially hazardous situation they may encounter.

Columbia Industrial Coatings is a member of ISNetworld. ISN provides CIC with compliance services and keeps records of all of our safety plans.

Drug Free Company

We partner with Veriforce the industry leading drug and alcohol, and safety compliance management company to ensure we have a drug free workplace. This allows us to maximize safety for our workforce and the communities we work in.

Our Team

Our team works hard to provide the best quality services available. With expertise in all facets of the Industrial Coatings Industry. Each individual offers a unique set of experience and professionalism to address all facets of our Industrial Coatings operation.

Our Services

Industrial Coatings is what we do, and we do it exceptionally well! We offer a wide range of services from abrasive blasting to epoxy floor coatings. We take pride in the workmanship that is put into every job and stand behind our work without exception.

Our Work

We have over 70 years combined experience in the field. We take every measure to ensure that the mark we leave behind speaks of our integrity and commitment to quality. It is more than just work to us; it is our reputation on the line every time we walk onto a job.